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Nickoli! Pansexual. loves cats, superwholock, and all music. kind of really lonely. I'd appreciate an ask.
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Dear oscar,
I’m not going to make this a thing because I feel absolutely crazy doimg it but I do need to vent. Even if it’s to myself. Ok, here goes.
A lot of people always remind me it’s not my fault, and there’s nothing I could have done, even I tell myself that, but had I said something different then maybe you’d still be here. I’d never have met you but that would mean you just went to bed that night even though you were sad. And you could have woken up the next morning and had breakfast and keep living this cycle until one day you had to tell someone. And you’d get help. You could finally be happy. I know I shouldn’t get this messed up over a stranger I never knew but sometimes I feel like if a stranger just showed me that they cared I wouldn’t be as sad.
The point is that people cared about you. I don’t know what you left behind besides a broken kid who you changed with just a few words and a mistake. I hope things are ok. I want to believe that things get better but honestly it’s been hard to believe in much lately.

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How can emptiness be so heavy?




i read this interesting fact the other day that pirates wore eye patches because they frequently transitioned from bright sunlight to darkness below deck and when they went below deck the covered eye would already be adjusted to darkness so they could immediately see really well and not have to wait for their eyes to adjust



i learned this from a gay pirate au fanfic i read

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BBC Sherlock meets tumblr

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Sam and The Monster

© Liz Climo

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what do you call a sunburnt penis


Kyle this is the worst

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I was just told his name was oscar… I really didn’t want to know that. I hope he knows that I regret not trying harder.

It’s like I hit a wall and realized how truly alone I am. All because of these mistakes I’ve been making.

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